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One of the key benefits of being a member of Wiltshire Grain is the access to professional marketing services. With the consolidation of the consumer market, growers are increasingly in a pressured selling position. Having the opportunity to offer a product of a known quality and provenance to the consumer allows for amore open conversation.

All commodities are pooled according to intake analysis. Increasingly, pools are being segregated by variety as well as quality characteristics. Members have the choice of pools available to them.

Double Use

Pool Grain is marketed over a shorter period normally July/August allowing members to utilise their storage space twice making better use of their capital investment

Long Pool

  • Grain is marketed over the whole 12 month season
  • Payments (less store charges) are made on 1st December (50% of the estimated base price), 14th March (90% of the revised base price) and 1st of July (the balance of final pool price)

Own Marketing Pool

  • For members who wish to fix the price of some or all of their pooled crops All pools are operated with or by our Marketing Agent Openfield.

Openfield currently markets around 4 million tonnes/annum through a strategic network of central stores and markets the grain for Wiltshire Grain. Pool payments can be tailored to suit individual cash flow requirements with interest charged at the current rate over bank base on all advances

If a member requires additional storage above their storage entitlement, this can usually be accommodated through a leasing pool where members pay an annual charge in addition to the handling costs.

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