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Wiltshire Grain membership can help decrease costs, ease harvest pressures and improve marketing returns.


Benefits include:

Collection from farm within 3 days

By collecting quickly from farm, Wiltshire Grain members no longer have to make decisions on how to handle harvested crop nor do they have the added expense of conditioning grain. No extra handling is required before movement.

Improved market prices

In order to realise the true value of our premium products, we have to be able to present a guaranteed quantity of known specification and provenance to the consumer not only at harvest but throughout the year. A collective approach gives us this scope.

Professional marketing

Openfield, another farmer owned cooperative, handles around 4 million tonnes of grain a year and market the grain on behalf of Wiltshire Grain members. They currently market around 1 million tonnes/annum through a strategic network of central stores. Building on this, our central store members can begin to realise significant leverage in the marketplace.

Easy management at harvest

With an intake capacity of 570tph, we can collect from farm within two to three days of harvest. Our members knows which commodity is moving and when.

Drying and dressing charged at cost

Unlike a commercial storage facility that runs to make profit off each load, Wiltshire Grain is a farmer co-op meaning that all profits from the business are returned to you. This means that we only charge you at cost for dressing and drying.

Reduced marketing and storage risks

Experienced staff make sure the product is right from intake, through the storage period right through to delivery of product to consumer.

Access to state of the art drying and storing facilities

Supported by 7 driers, 5 intake pits and 2,000 tonne of wet holding storage, Wiltshire Grain members own their own large scale drying plant which, through scale, is drying wet grain at much lower cost than on farm drying.

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